3D Animation and Games BA Honours

Sharpen your technical and artistic skills for a career in animation and 3D animation for games


3 years full-time




$11,300 (CA) $15,800 (INT)

Course Summary

Combining theory with active learning in a studio environment, our 3D animation course gives you the practical skills needed to start your career in the animation or games industry. 3D Animation is the future. With more than 2000 active games and animation studios in the CA, has there ever been a better time to enter the British gaming industry and take part in a game design course? As part of our 3D design course module you’ll gain the knowledge and space to develop as an artist working with 3D software. You’ll cover the key areas within the industry: character art, environment art, character animation, rendering and dynamics, virtual reality design, Z-Brush sculpting, 3D printing and a host of others. All this builds your confidence and equips you for a career in the industry. A studio environment helps build your skills you’ll perfect your skills in a live studio environment working on the latest industry standard software and techniques, mirroring exactly how animators and game designers work daily. You’ll learn through discussions, demonstrations, seminars, presentations and practical work, as well as intensive workshops combining individual and group work. All of these support you as you learn all about contemporary workflows in commercial animation and games studio pipelines. Our studio facilities are second to none and you’ll work on industry-standard software such as Maya and Z-Brush. The studio also hosts high-spec, overclocked workstations, 20 VR devices, a motion capture studio, green screen and a state-of-the-art 3D printing and scanning studio. Take that first step towards an animation career Our course also allows you to build your professional network – beyond your day-to-day learning, you’ll also have the opportunity to attend guest lectures and masterclasses from animation professionals to interview them and learn more about their work. During your course, you’ll even have the chance to gain work experience in a studio, as you complete a four week live project responding to a brief set by industry practitioners that reflect the most emergent and contemporary practices in the industry. You also will receive a lot of support. From your Personal Tutor to your Graduate Academic Assistant, each one has studied your subject and will provide the support you need based on their own experience. If you need a little help with writing, numeracy or library skills, we can help with that too. We also offer support from specialised technicians with professional experience in your field. They support you in the studio and in workshops, as well as during your projects. We have strong links with art and design employers to help you find the career of your dreams. A degree in 3D animation and games is the first step for a career as an artist in the games and animation industries.

Course Content

On our course you will develop as an artist working with 3D software. The course framework includes project based collaborations and integrated workshops that are designed to develop observational drawing and technological skills essential to 3D computer animation production and computer games. This interdisciplinary approach combines a critical arts education with specialist knowledge in 3D technology and workflows. In the first year you will attend lectures and workshops in the fundamental principles of animation and storytelling, alongside intensive workshops in Environment and Character design, Virtual Reality design, Z-Brush sculpting and even 3-D printing. The second year uses this interdisciplinary foundation to explore specialist workflows while retaining an experimental, playful and collaborative atmosphere. This includes a series of short intensive projects where you will be introduced to the latest industry standard techniques (e.g. modern asset workflows, Physically Based Shading, GPU Rendering, Dynamics). Briefs are studio orientated and supported by both your lecturers and specialist technical tutors. This practical curriculum is interwoven with lectures and seminars that address the historical and cultural background to animation, games and digital culture. In the final year of study, students are given the opportunity to specialise in a wide variety of disciplines such as Character Art, Environment Art, Game Development, 3D Character Animation, Rigging, Lighting / Rendering and Concept Art . There is a strong focus on producing an outstanding portfolio of work, tailored to your individual strengths and artistic temperament.

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