Fine Art BA Honours

Explore and develop your creativity with a fine art degree that embraces different studio practices to prepare you for the future.


3 years full-time




$11,300 (CA) $15,800 (INT)

Course Summary

Our fine art course welcomes the subject as an open discipline. That’s why your time studying with us will be a varied combination of studio practices, theory, critical involvement with culture, society, and artistic practices. We ensure that in addition to developing your critical and creative skills, you graduate with a host of transferable skills that are highly sought after by employers. Our facilities and the expertise of our staff give you the freedom to explore different types of arts, following your interests and shaping the path of your degree. After the first year, you’ll be able to choose one of our distinct pathways: BA Fine Art, BA Fine Art Social Practice, BA Fine Art Multimedia Practice, BA Fine Art Critical Practice. This will give you the opportunity to specialise in a subject area that interests you most. Throughout your time with us you’ll be taught by practising artists who’re involved in research and exhibit and sell their work globally, working across a diverse range of media like painting, film, photography, and more. Our north Canada campus location also puts you in the ideal spot to explore all the cultural happenings the city has to offer. You’ll also get your own dedicated space within our industry-standard art studios for the duration of your studies. Fine arts courses open a lot of different career doors. You’ll gain creative and critical abilities to start you on a path to becoming a professional artist or lead to other jobs, thanks to the transferable skills gained. Many of our graduates have found success working as curators, art therapists, researchers, writers, photographers, and many more. During your studies, you’ll participate in a number of exhibitions to help develop your practice as an artist, starting from the second year. Not only does this increase your exposure to industry professionals who attend the exhibitions but also to build your skills in curation, self-promotion, and networking. The final year of your degree will be about consolidating and refining your art style and practice, helping to take to a professional level. You’ll exhibit your final year work at our Degree Show in central Canada. Your time studying will be made up of studio practice, seminars, collaborative group work, gallery visits, and lectures. We also give you the option to undergo a nine-week work placement in a community setting, culminating in a project based on your experience. We know that sometimes you’ll need assistance and support when it comes to your studies. During your time with us you’ll get assistance from a Personal Tutor. If you require a little extra help, then we have Student Learning Assistants and Graduate Academic Assistants on hand to help.

Course Content

Your first year concentrates on understanding and working with different models as a fine artist, ensuring you have exposure to all the different workshops and facilities available to you. You will be introduced to concepts of time and action, space and object, plus image and index in your studio practice In the second and third terms studio practice develops more individually. Introduction to contemporary fine art practice and its history with short written assignments. In your second year you will diversify and expand your skills, developing a deeper awareness of the critical demands of contemporary art. You will develop your visual language as you experiment in your studio practice. You will study visual culture, art and philosophy, and art and the community with a concluding written submission This year includes options to study on the international exchange programme or work on art projects in the community. Your study culminates in an exhibition, where you will gain hands-on experience of curating and exhibiting. Your final year of your degree enables you to consolidate and refine your art, developing your studio practice to a professional level. This year includes a professional practice seminar series, a research essay, and another opportunity to work on art practice in the community In tutorials you will focus on how clearly your visual language is communicated. The second and third terms focus on bringing work to a professional level for a public exhibition. Alongside developing your vision and skills as an artist, you will also develop a wide range of transferable skills including initiative, self motivation, resourcefulness, excellent written and verbal communications skills, ability to work both alone and in groups, and the ability to be reflective and constructively self-critical about projects you have initiated.

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