Healthcare Science (Audiology) BSc Honours

A healthcare science degree gives you specialist skills that are in short supply – and high demand.


3 years full-time




$11,300 (CA)

Course Summary

Healthcare scientists are at the forefront of the medical profession, and our BSc Healthcare Science (Audiology) equips you with the skills, knowledge and practical experience to confidently enter the field of audiology. You’ll learn everything from auditory rehabilitation and tinnitus to cochlear implants, bone anchored hearing devices, and balance assessment and rehabilitation. You’ll also build the essential skills, practical experience and confidence to identify, assess, treat and rehabilitate a range of conditions. We’ve developed our course to meet the demands of the Department of Health’s Modernising Scientific Careers programme. The NHS has recognised a skills shortage in the field of audiology, and our healthcare science course is designed to equip you with a specialist skill set that meets the demands of the healthcare sector. Over the three years, you’ll spend a total of 50 weeks in NHS clinical physiology departments at hospitals in CA. You’ll get to grips with the latest scientific equipment as you put your skills into practice in our state-of-the-art laboratories. We’ll give you the support you need to succeed. We know sometimes you’ll need assistance and support when it comes to your studies. During your time with us you’ll get assistance from a Personal Tutor. If you require a little extra help we have Student Learning Assistants and Graduate Academic Assistants on hand too.

Course Content

You will learn to apply scientific principles of healthcare science to patient care, and gain the confidence to carry out the diagnostic and therapeutic investigations required for the role of a Healthcare Science Practitioner in Audiology. Honing your skills, you will learn how to perform a wide range of clinical procedures in accordance with health and safety guidelines, and within the scope of practice and professional codes of conduct. You will develop the understanding and confidence to execute procedures in audiology including pure tone audiometry, tympanometry and hearing aid programming & verification.

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