Mathematics BSc/MMath

Learn mathematical theory and practise it in a workshop and laboratory setting to develop your skills.


3 years full-time




$11,300 (CA) $16,400 (INT)

Course Summary

Studying BSc Mathematics with us will open a lot of career doors, whether you want to pursue the subject professionally or join an industry that’s looking for your skills. You can also add a fourth year to your studies and pursue an MMath qualification. You’ll study a combination of traditional maths alongside modern topics like communicating maths. Lectures will introduce theory while workshop and lab study will develop your ability to apply it in practical settings. You’ll be taught in highly interactive groups that’ll allow you to explore problems and find solutions in a supportive environment. A series called ‘Engaging with Mathematics’ brings in professionals to talk to students about possible careers, opportunities available, and all the wonderful ways maths can be applied outside the classroom. Apply your theoretical knowledge. Learning to apply your maths skills in the real world throughout your studies will prepare you for the world of work. One way you’ll do this is by joining staff in different outreach events that bring maths to the general public. Our Problem Solving Methods and Communicating Mathematics modules engage with real-world problems that graduate mathematicians are likely to face. You’ll also get the option to take a year-long placement between the second and third years to further enhance your skills and explore professional interests. Previous graduates have gone on to study MSc Mathematics at different universities and pursue other specialist masters. Graduates from this course went on to work in law, accounting, finance, and as mathematicians. A mathematics degree equips you with a whole host of transferable skills that employers find desirable in today’s world of work. During your course, you’ll get personalised support from your Personal Tutor, Student Learning Assistant, and Graduate Academic Assistant. Their first-hand experience in your subject area means they understand how to best support you.

Course Content

The course has been designed to support your development as a mathematician. The first year modules will train you to think like a mathematician so that you can learn how mathematics is created and how it is used to solve concrete problems. You will learn how mathematics is a language to express complicated ideas succinctly, and how it is unreasonably good at describing and solving real-world problems. In your second year, this development will continue towards a more rigorous approach. You will learn to think much more rigorously, and you will start to understand some of the more fascinating areas of pure and applied mathematics. You will also learn to apply your learning to find concrete solutions to questions in the module Problem Solving Methods. In your third year, and fourth year if you choose to take the MMath, you will study an array of specialist mathematics modules that will provide you with the tools to study and understand complex problems and analyse solutions. Throughout your studies your learning will be assessed with a mixture of coursework and exams as well as presentations, group assignment and reports. You will develop your knowledge of mathematics through investigating key topics in algebra and analysis and will learn to work with multi-faceted problems across a range of modules, particularly within Problem Solving Methods. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the language and culture of mathematics and have an appreciation for the importance of rigorous proof, logical deduction and abstraction. You will graduate with a broad, yet comprehensive knowledge of many theoretical and practical areas of mathematics, with advanced skills in communicating complex ideas.

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