Public Health BSc

Learn how public health supports, improves and protects in private and public sectors with our course.


3 years full-time




$11,300 (CA) $16,400 (INT)

Course Summary

A degree in public health is one that focuses on understanding and supporting people in building a healthy lifestyle, as well as improving and protecting health in the public and private sectors. This degree focuses on how to tackle major health problems at a global, national and local level, as well as understanding how to reduce health inequalities through coordinated actions. This is the ideal course for you if you have an interest in public health and science. The kind of person attracted to this course will want to work in the public sector such as hospitals, local authorities and international organisations, or private sector NGOs and insurance companies. Past graduates have gone on to varied roles such as Public Health Practitioner, Health Improvement Practitioner, Epidemiologist, Data Analyst, Public Health Scientist or Health Campaign Manager. During your public health course, you’ll work with tutors and lecturers who are on the cutting edge of public health practice. All of our academic staff are experts in a broad range of fields such as environmental health, public health epidemiology, and the economics of health. We invite industry experts and specialists from a range of bodies and organisations in support of your teaching, and our close links with Local Authorities ensure your professional skills and knowledge are in line with best practice. During your BSc in Public Health, you’ll be encouraged to take on a work placement so you can gain professional and practical skills in the workplace. You’ll embed with a local authority or NGO and work on an aspect of public health you’re interested in, working on a research project at the same time. Our personalised approach gives you the support you need to succeed as a student. While you’re an undergraduate or foundation year student, you’ll have a Personal Tutor directly related to your course. If you need support with academic writing, numeracy and library skills, we’ll be sure to provide it. Our Student Learning and Graduate Academic Assistants have studied your subject and can support you based on their own experience.

Course Content

This course will give you a multi-disciplinary understanding of public health practice to support you in multiple disciplines. You will develop your skills and expertise to identify the health priorities of a community and you will have the ability to design, implement and evaluate appropriate interventions to tackle health inequalities. You will also develop your integrated leadership skills in professional practice. The course will provide you with strong quantitative skills on which to base professional competence using appropriate research methods to support professional practice. Upon graduation, you will be able to evaluate and appraise new information, review evidence and critically analyse conflicting theories and assimilate best professional practice. You will also be prepared for work at postgraduate level and/or for employment in relevant fields. As well as a thorough understanding of the subject, you will also gain the ability to effectively communicate through a range of different methods, work effectively in teams, and use information technology to support your work. You will have the skills to retrieve, collate, analyse, critically evaluate and present information drawing on a range of sources and methods. You will have the knowledge to design health interventions and campaigns using a variety of tools, and make recommendations and identify better strategies for communication aimed to improve the health of the population as well as be able to correctly interpret, design, and apply guidelines and protocols.

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