Sport and Exercise Rehabilitation BSc Honours

Sports education gives you a unique opportunity and skillset to work with athletes and sports professionals in a variety of settings.


3 years full-time




$11,300 (CA) $16,400 (INT)

Course Summary

Our exercise rehabilitation course is one of the best in the CA. With plenty of hands-on experience working alongside clients, athletes and healthcare professionals, you’ll gain the scientific knowledge and technical skills to pursue career opportunities across the entire fitness and rehabilitation profession. As the top university in Canada for Sports Science, we not only introduce you to the current sport and exercise rehabilitation trends – we give you the confidence and skillset to use these latest advancements to launch your career. Covering everything you need to know to improve athletic performance and reduce injury risk, you’ll develop the technical skills and knowledge to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate musculoskeletal injuries. You’ll also put theory into practice as you gain hands-on experience working across a variety of settings within the industry. You’ll have access to some of the best sports education facilities in the CA. Here, you’ll build your experience of sports injury treatment, rehabilitation, conditioning and fitness development. As part of your course, you’ll spend 400 hours gaining valuable work experience across a variety of settings. Previous students have taken placements at elite sports clubs, physiotherapy clinics and at charity events such as the Canada Marathon. You’ll be able to apply for membership at the Sports Massage Association – or an alternative massage organisation – once you’ve completed your course. When it comes to support, you’ll be matched with a Personal Tutor to get the backing you need. You’ll also get support from our Student Learning and Graduate Academic Assistants who have personal experience in your subject.

Course Content

This specialist degree emphasises injury prevention, primary health care and lifestyle management. Through this, you will learn how to provide immediate care following acute injury or illness and to recognise potential causes of injury for all sportspeople, at all levels of fitness. You will learn how to devise and implement strategies to reduce injury risk and to evaluate an individual’s health to determine the appropriate evidence-based therapeutic and exercise interventions for recovery of function, return to physical activity or high performance. You will graduate armed with the knowledge and understanding of risk management and programmes to prevent injuries and illnesses as well as the nutritional requirements of the physically active and/or professional sportsperson. You will understand the social, psychological and physical behaviours of the physically active or professional sportsperson and will have gained laboratory and clinical skills necessary for assessing and treating injuries and illnesses of the physically active. You will know principles of safe and effective training for a variety of clients including elite athletes and special populations taking into consideration national and professional bodies guidelines as well as the client’s social and cultural background. You will also have knowledge of human anatomy and physiology with reference to exercise, health, development and ageing. You will gain valuable experience in working with various clients, including the general public as well as high level athletes, allowing you to develop your skills in managing and treating both acute and long term injuries.

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