Sport and Exercise Science BSc Honours

Sports performance has become a huge industry, working with everyone from Olympic athletes to enthusiastic gym goers.


3 years full-time




$11,300 (CA) $16,400 (INT)

Course Summary

This degree offers a broad scope of study, giving you the opportunity to create your own course as you study all aspects of sports science. Studying a combination of sports and exercise sciences will give you a wide range of knowledge and understanding regarding scientific methods used in sports psychology and  physiotherapy. Ranked as the top university in Canada for Sports Science, this course is taught by active sports professionals involved in coaching, sport rehabilitation and performance. We have extensive industry links to some of the biggest names in the field. The course is based in our modern facilities at Park so you’ll have access to research labs, as well as conditioning and fitness suites. The equipment you can use includes the CA’s most advanced 3D motion analysis equipment and a DXA scanning body composition machine, plus many more. During this course you’ll develop the skills needed to support athletes to perform at their peak while reducing the risk of injury. You’ll develop your understanding of biomechanical and physiological theories, as well as your psychological skills. You’ll integrate professional practice into your studies as you complete 50 hours of placements every year. This is a crucial opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge by working with athletes. By graduation you’ll be armed with the techniques and procedures needed to analyse and interpret human movement, physical fitness and well-being. A sports and exercise degree sets you up for a fulfilling career. Our personalised approach gives you the support you need to succeed as a student. While you are an undergraduate or foundation year student, you’ll have a Personal Tutor directly related to your course. If you need support with academic writing, numeracy and library skills, we’ll be sure to provide it. Our Student Learning and Graduate Academic Assistants have studied your subject and can support you based on their own experience. Once you complete the degree you’ll have an ideal basis for specialising at postgraduate level. Previous graduates have gone on to work as a lifestyle coach, sports manager, sports development officer and more.

Course Content

At the centre of this course lies the scientific approach to supporting athletes to perform at their peak while reducing the risk of injury. You will develop an in-depth understanding of physiological, psychological and biomechanical theories, and how they can be used to assist performance enhancement, health and fitness. You will graduate, armed with the knowledge and understanding of the research methods and processes relating to exercise and health. You will be proficient in the techniques and procedures used to analyse and interpret human movement, to assess and interpret physical fitness and well-being. You will have an understanding of sports psychology and how to work effectively with sportspeople.

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