Sport and Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning) BSc Honours

Gain the specialist skills, experience and contacts to pursue a career in elite-level sports.


3 years full-time




$11,300 (CA) $16,400 (INT)

Course Summary

Our strength and conditioning course is the ideal route into the booming sports industry. We’ll equip you with the specialist skillset, self-discipline, hands-on experience and valuable industry contacts to help you find success. You’ll follow in the footsteps of graduates who have won Olympic medals and who are active sports professionals, you’ll gain an expert understanding of sport and exercise theory. You’ll also complete 50 hours of work placements each year. Here, you’ll learn what it takes to push athletes to their peak potential and develop strength and conditioning programmes for sportspeople who are at the top of their profession. Using our modern facilities, you’ll get to grips with everything from performance analysis and rehabilitation to strength and conditioning and physical development. You’ll spend 50 hours each year gaining hands-on experience and developing your professional experience through work experience placements in the industry. Our partnerships with professional sports teams means you’ll be able to build valuable professional contacts while you study. You’ll have the flexibility to apply directly to this course – or opt to study the general BSc Sport and Exercise Science programme with strength and conditioning as your specialism at the end of year two. While you’re learning, you’ll be matched with a Personal Tutor directly related to your course. You’ll also get support from our Student Learning and Graduate Academic Assistants, who have experience in your subject area.

Course Content

You will study the full spectrum of sport and exercise science theory, including the methods of enhancing sports performance, the scientific methods of enquiry and a knowledge of the human response to exercise. This course offers a broad programme of study, preparing you for a range of sport and exercise science careers working with both sports teams and elite athletes, as well as with people across all levels of fitness, including young people and the elderly. As well as the gaining an in-depth understanding of the scientific methods of training and performance, necessary to becoming a successful Strength and Conditioning Specialist, you will also have a detailed understanding of: Human structure and function with reference to exercise performance, health or movement. The psychology of working with those in sport. Techniques and procedures used to assess physical fitness and well-being. Research methods and processes in relation to exercise and health. Nutritional needs of the physically active and professional sportspeople. Techniques and procedures used to assess physical fitness and well-being.

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