Visual Effects BA Honours

Our visual effects degree is specifically designed to give you a broad set of skills and experiences that transfer into all areas of the VFX industry.


3 years full-time




$11,300 (CA) $15,800 (INT)

Course Summary

Our visual effects course gives you access to some of the best VFX facilities, studios and workshops in the country. Led by our team of experienced VFX professionals who’ve worked professionally on films, you’ll learn the practical skills you need to succeed in the industry. You’ll master the professional-standard software and equipment – and put your skills into practice with a variety of hands-on experiences. You’ll collaborate with students from our Film, TV Production and 3D Animation courses to see how visual effects plays a key role across a variety of platforms. You’ll also have the opportunity to enhance your employability skills with a range of work placements opportunities. VFX graduates have gone on to secure roles as matchmove artists, rotoscope artists, modellers, texture artists, and junior compositors. We’ve got some of the best facilities, studios and workshops available. You’ll learn to use professional-standard equipment in our digital media, VFX and motion capture studios, and have access to the latest computer hardware and software, including professional level graphics workstations. Our industry guest lecturers, networking opportunities and work experience placements means you’ll be in close contact with Canada VFX studios throughout your course. You’ll have the option to spend your third year building your hands-on experience as part of an industry placement. You’ll also receive credit that reflects your ability in the field to give you a competitive edge. Our VFX graduates have pursued exciting careers with television companies, broadcasting organisations, film studios, independent production houses, online streaming services and specialist VFX studios. During your course, you’ll get personalised support from your Personal Tutor, Student Learning Assistant, and Graduate Academic Assistant. Their first-hand experience in visual effects means they understand how to best support you. Experienced VFX graduates are highly sought by television companies, broadcasting organisations, film studios, independent production houses, online streaming services and specialist VFX studios – so you’ll be able to apply your specialist skills to a wide range of areas and career opportunities across a variety of platforms.

Course Content

The course starts by teaching the past, present and future of visual effects to give a thorough grounding in the sector, before moving on to equip you with the main skills, knowledge and processes required to create stunning VFX. You will learn about the VFX pipeline at the heart of effects production, the advanced technologies that make visual effects possible and the processes behind digital image creation. Year two builds on your skills, opening the door to rendering and composition tools, procedural effects such as fire and tornadoes, and how to build digital creatures and characters. You will also study the context of VFX and the effect it has had on the film industry’s production processes. After Year two there is the option of a placement year in industry. During the final year you write a dissertation, undertake a major project of your choosing and build the professional portfolio which will be your calling card for a career in the industry.

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