Info on Attendance

As a University student, you are in control of your own learning and, as such, it is ultimately up to you when, where and how much you study. Whilst you might think it’s OK to skip lectures now you’re at Uni, you actually could be really damaging your chances of success if you don’t regularly attend the timetabled classes for your course. Here at East Coast, there is an expectation you will attend all of your classes, and if you don’t there are serious consequences, you could be withdrawn. This may sound harsh, but we’re doing this because studies have proved that there is a strong link between attendance and academic performance; in other words, the more you attend, the more likely you are to do well!

Withdrawing from the course

If you decide that you can no longer continue with your course, and would like to withdraw, we also think it would be a good idea to talk it through with a member of your course team first. If withdrawing turns out to be your best option, you must complete a withdrawal form and hand it in to your Faculty Office or a member of your course team straight away. If you are receiving financial support from Student Finance, it is really important that you hand in the withdrawal form to us and let them know as soon as you’ve decided to withdraw as you may be liable for course fees if we have not been officially informed.

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