Animation BA Honours

Whether it’s designing epic visuals or creating fantastical animations, you’ll gain the skills needed for a career in animation


3 years full-time




$11,300 (CA) $15,800 (INT)

Course Summary

Embracing all aspects of animated film making, this animation degree simply makes perfect sense if you’re an aspiring animator. Animation is at the heart of the movie industry, from the latest blockbuster to the small budget indie. Here you will develop your vision as an artist, animator, designer and director, equipping yourself with the essential skills to establish yourself in the animation industry. You’ll be encouraged to experiment and be given the space to explore your own creativity and develop your own style. You’ll study across a broad range of animation practice, including traditional and digital 2D, motion graphics and stop motion, as well as 3D computer animation and even working directly onto 16mm film. Space to develop your own creativity While studying animation you’ll combine both theory and practice to develop your skills and knowledge. In class discussions and lectures, you’ll learn about the history of animation, building your understanding of the changing practices of animation and being introduced to new concepts around animation and games. When it comes to practical work, you’ll develop and consolidate your own approach to animation in our state-of-the-art animation studios. Using building your own animated films as part of your portfolio development module. Using industry standard software you’ll build and refine your technical skills with a focus on designing and directing your own animated films. You’ll also learn storytelling, scriptwriting and characterisation alongside film and sound editing techniques to convey compelling narratives. You’ll learn alongside our award winning academic team who all work professionally in film making, each with their own set of skills in long and short animation, commercials, TV shows, motion graphics and music videos. They have worked with companies like DreamWorks, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network with nominations and wins across events such as Cannes Film Festival and Canada International Animation Festival. Support for your career goals While you’re learning, you’ll be matched with a Personal Tutor directly related to your course. You’ll also get support from our Student Learning and Graduate Academic Assistants, who have experience in your subject area. Full time specialist technicians and technical tutors with in-depth professional experience will support you during workshops and studio practice. We have strong links with CA and international animation companies, and our industry partners even sponsor final year students and give specialist workshops and lectures.

Course Content

On this course you will study a broad range of animation practice including: Traditional 2D: Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media Digital 2D: Flash, After Effects, Cell Action, TV Paint and Adobe Photoshop Stop Motion: Puppet, Claymation, Cut Out, Sand on Glass, Paint on Glass and Pixilation3D Computer Animation: Cinema 4D and Motion Capture In your first year you will develop a personal approach to animation and learn to apply an understanding of film language, narrative and the technical processes of animation to the creation of your own animation sequences. You will learn about changing practices in the history of animation and explore and experiment with different forms of graphic media. In your second year you will further develop your animation practice and begin to identify specific areas of interest. The second year of study gives you the opportunity to refine your technical and problem-solving skills. In the Digital Cultures module you will be introduced to a range of concepts regarding animation in games and play, particularly in relation to computer games. In your final year you will consolidate your skills to a professional standard and fully prepare for a career in the animation industry, identifying potential career paths and preparing a graduation showreel, portfolio and promotional material. You will learn to: Research and develop your own ideas and turn them into compelling and emotive screenplays. Develop strong and believable animated characters that your audience can empathise with Explore and experiment with image making as a means to developing a personal visual language. Effectively use film language to communicate concept, character, personality and emotion Plan and manage all aspects of an animation production and deliver on time according to an agreed schedule. Use film editing techniques to effectively convey concepts and narrative. Use sound recording and editing techniques to create professional soundtracks for your films.

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