Business Management (Innovation and Entrepreneurship) BA Honours

Develop your ideas, design your career path or even start your own business with our innovation and entrepreneurship degree.


3 years full-time




$11,300 (CA) $15,800 (INT)

Course Summary

Not everyone wants to go into an established business and simply fit into the organisation. Some people want to enter a company to shake things up and innovate their product, their brand or how they operate. Other people don’t see themselves working for anyone, have an idea they want to pursue and start their own business. On our course you can shape your studies to your career ambitions, developing yourself and your skills to innovate products and services in the modern workforce. During the course, there’s an emphasis on applying practice to theory in a business environment. This gives you the opportunity to see how businesses develop their products, manage their operations and innovate in their markets. To this end, a large part of the course is taking part in a work placement so you can apply what you know in a live environment. Gain the skills to succeed This course enables you with the confidence to support and improve technological and operational changes within an organisation, as well as the entrepreneurial flair needed to flourish in business. You’ll learn practical skills in a live environment as you’ll work on group projects to develop a new product, concept or business. During the project you’ll learn concepts like market research, risk management and teamwork. This also has the potential to be developed into a real life business, product or service. You’ll also cover case studies on new technology firms like Airbnb and Amazon, so you understand and develop your own innovation skills. Our personalised approach gives you the support you need to succeed as a student. While you’re an undergraduate or foundation year student, you’ll have a Personal Tutor directly related to your course. If you need support with academic writing, numeracy and library skills, we’ll be sure to provide it. Our Student Learning and Graduate Academic Assistants have studied your subject and can support you based on their first hand experience. The career options upon graduation are broad. You’ll have the skills to manage and grow a viable business or even start your own. We’ll support you every step of the way.

Course Content

You will develop essential skills and knowledge in business management and will study modules designed to expand your knowledge of the behaviour of people in organisations, the financial aspects of business, and the wider business environment. At the end of Year 2 you can take a year-long placement option before returning to complete your degree. In your final year, you will advance your skills and knowledge in business management and can also choose to study a business start-up, managing business projects, or a research project. You will develop key business skills, knowledge and experience in order to excel in a management career. Companies and organisations require graduates who have expert business knowledge, who can also demonstrate analytical and problem solving skills with the professional acumen to deal with challenges in a fast-paced corporate world. You will also have developed the skills of analysis, research, the verbal and written presentation of arguments and be able to apply theory to practice. If you wish to, you will have the skills to start up, manage and grow a business. You will learn to work effectively in teams, and be able to present and communicate business management ideas with confidence. We also ensure you develop specialist knowledge in: Stakeholders: their expectations and behaviour. The environment of business and its impact on strategy. Design, production and distribution of products and services Business resources: acquisition, application and control. Business process: planning, improvement and control

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