Business Management (Supply Chain and Logistics) BA Honours

How to deliver products and services at the right place and time, on cost and in the right quantity is at the heart of this degree.


3 years full-time




$11,300 (CA) $15,800 (INT)

Course Summary

In today’s business world, success is increasingly hinged on the speed and efficiency of supply chains. In this course, you’ll learn what it’s like to compete in the global marketplace and organisations that require employees to have both a broad understanding of how businesses operate and specialist knowledge of supply chain processes. You’ll be taught by experts who have plenty of experience in the area including supply chain scheduling, forecasting and operations management. This course provides you the opportunity to work in a range of businesses and organisations while gaining specialised training in the industry standard software you’ll need to manage and analyse the supply chain. Taught by experienced tutors Since your lecturers have expertise in supply chain management and have worked in sectors such as FMCG, they’re well placed to pass on the skills you’ll need in industry. You’ll receive training in industry-standard software for managing the supply chain processes. Enterprise Resource Planning software (SAP) enables organisations to make decisions and run their business. Supply chains depend on this application and how it integrates business is of paramount importance. Knowledge of SAP is a tangible skill and is widely sought after by employers. Supporting your goal sour personalised approach gives you the support you need to succeed as a student. While you’re an undergraduate or foundation year student, you’ll have a Personal Tutor directly related to your course. If you need support with academic writing, numeracy and library skills, we’ll be sure to provide it. Our Student Learning and Graduate Academic Assistants have studied your subject and can support you based on their first hand experience. The specialist knowledge and skills you’ll gain from your logistics management degree will enable you to work in jobs such as supply chain manager, logistics analysis, and as a buyer or scheduler, among others.

Course Content

In year 1 and 2 you will study a total of 7 compulsory modules that develop essential skills and knowledge in business management and the wider business environment. In Year 2 you can also choose an option from a number of management discipline-specific modules. In the final year you will study strategic management together with 3 supply chain specific modules: Global supply chain management, Procurement and sourcing and either Logistics or a Research project in the supply chain area. The 3 supply chain management specific modules will raise your awareness of the critical issues related to managing operation and how to solve problems, as well as enhancing your capabilities in sourcing and managing suppliers, and measuring performance. You will learn to work effectively in teams, gain analytical and creative problem solving skills, and be able to present and communicate using a variety of media. We also ensure you develop specialist knowledge in; Digital skills, Critical thinking, Information collecting and evaluation, ability to apply knowledge and concepts, time management and organisation.

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