English BA Honours

English is so much more than just a language. Go beyond literature and learn the analyse the world a little differently


3 years full-time




$11,300 (CA) $15,800 (INT)

Course Summary

Our course expands on the traditional study of English, giving you the chance to put it into practice. Our English degree looks to expand your understanding of what the subject is about through encounters with literary and non-literary texts. You’ll explore how English is used in theatre, poetry, professional and everyday conversations, media texts, non-verbal communication, your own writing, and, of course, novels. Your studies will also integrate language and writing alongside literature. You’ll develop skills in each of these areas and have the opportunity to create and pursue your own path that combines language, literature, and creative writing or focuses on two specifically. Throughout your studies you’ll have plenty of opportunities to put your skills into practice. As part of your studies you’ll produce your own texts in a range of different styles, engage in critical and theoretical debates, explore the work of others, and develop your own investigations. We keep the classroom size small to ensure you receive the personal attention needed to thrive in your studies. Our campus’s excellent location means you can explore English in the outside world through West End performances, library and gallery visits. A whole host of different career paths are available after you graduate with a BA in English, as the excellent critical, communication, and creative skills gained on the course are in high demand with many employers. You’ll be able to join fields like publishing, advertising, civil service, politics, plus many more. Many graduates go on to do a PGCE in primary or secondary education with many becoming teachers. We know sometimes you’ll need assistance and support when it comes to your studies. During your time with us you will get assistance from a Personal Tutor. If you require a little extra help, we have Student Learning Assistants and Graduate Academic Assistants on hand to help.

Course Content

You will develop an understanding of the global range of work in English by exploring linguistic, literary and creative approaches. You will focus on media, popular and professional texts alongside core literary and creative ones. You will take four modules a year (if studied full time) over three years. Each module is designed to be flexible, allowing you to bring your own interests to the assignments and develop key skills and knowledge that will benefit not only your final independent project but also your ambitions and career goals beyond this course. What skills will you gain? You will learn how to write in different forms and for different purposes and to give a range of types of presentations. You will gain competence in penetrating communication, and the ability to engage in close reading and rapid analysis. You will develop the ability to draw creatively on your specialist knowledge and skills in English to work in diverse environments such as education, publishing, media and marketing. You will develop distinctive creative, investigative, theoretical and critical skills.

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