Interior Design BA Honours

Interior design transforms spaces through elements like furniture, volume, and placement. Start your career in this exciting field with us.


3 years full-time




$11,300 (CA) $15,800 (INT)

Course Summary

Interior design courses are rapidly growing in demand. Interior design is a vital part of our everyday environment, from office lobbies and restaurants to hotels and government buildings. Our course aims to equip you with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills you’ll need to start your career in interior design. You’ll learn all about different interior styles, what is meant by ‘placemaking’, challenge your creativity, and explore the diverse interdisciplinary nature of the subject. In addition to the three-year full-time course, you can also choose a four-year sandwich option. This pathway incorporates a one-year professional placement recognised by a dedicated Advanced Diploma in Professional Practice: Interior Architecture & Design, which you’ll receive at graduation. You’ll be taught by a team of highly experienced staff, who are academics and industry professionals. They’ll provide you with all the support and guidance you need to succeed in your studies. We’ll provide you with specialist technical and study facilities on campus, which is equipped to a state-of-the-art standard. Our course is based on integrated design projects to get you thinking and working like an interior designer. You’ll be challenged to apply and demonstrate various elements of your learning. Tasks have been designed to help you develop your creativity and originality while interacting with different ideas, just like you would at work. You’ll use virtual reality technology to present your ideas, becoming proficient in its use. An interior design degree can open a lot of career doors. Past graduates have gone on to work in interior design practices, specialist studios and consultancies, advisory agencies, and commercial organisations. We ensure that every student has adequate support throughout their time with us. That’s why you’ll get matched with a Personal Tutor as well as a Student Learning Assistant and a Graduate Academic Assistant. They’ll have experience in your subject area and will be able to help whenever you need. Help to shape and transform spaces with interior design – apply for our course today.

Course Content

Learning on the course is based on a sequence of ‘integrated design projects’, in which you are asked to apply and demonstrate various aspects of your learning, as well as your individual creativity and originality, to specified design tasks. Projects are supplemented by a variety of lecture, seminar and workshop sessions to provide specialist skills and knowledge. Your ideas and proposals will be tested and explored in regular tutorials and reviews, in which critical evaluation, guidance and feedback is provided, and from which you will be expected to develop and improve your work. The curriculum focuses on six core learning strands which are developed progressively throughout all years of the course. Design Thinking and Processes — How designers research, analyse and make decisions, and how the design of interiors is initiated, conceptualized, developed, sanctioned, and realised. Materiality and Technics — How and from what interiors are constructed, assembled and operate technically and technologically. Environment and Performance — How environmental and sustainability issues and post-occupancy performance and adaptability are addressed in the design, construction and use of interiors. Contextual and Critical Analysis — How contextual factors frame, inform and constrain the design of interiors, and their analysis and interpretation. Communication and Media — How the design of interiors is represented and communicated across a range of media and techniques. Reflective and Professional Practice — How reflective practice is applied in design, and how professional skills are employed in design practice.

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