Music BA Honours

Build the skills, experience and confidence to launch a career in the world of professional music making.


3 years full-time




$11,300 (CA) $15,800 (INT)

Course Summary

Combining science, technology, history and arts, with social and cultural studies, business and media, you’ll learn how music plays a pivotal role across a range of industries. You’ll also get plenty of unique opportunities to see this in action by collaborating with students working in areas including dance, theatre, animation, film, TV production and computer games. Led by our knowledgeable lecturers, our music degree will build your experience as a performer, composer, music producer and music director ­– and you’ll be continuously encouraged to optimise the skills that give you a unique and competitive edge. You’ll build your experience in the recording studio, conducting, and performing with orchestral players from manuscript. You’ll also have the opportunity to attend lectures by industry professionals, along with composition workshops and concerts of student compositions. We’ve got world-class facilities, including a concert room, recital room, 15 soundproof practice rooms, 23 pianos (including a Steinway grand and a Bosendorfer grand), hybrid analogue-digital sound recording facilities, a recording and mixing studio. We’ll also help you build your portfolio and gain experience through applying to play a concerto, having a composition performed by young professional ensemble-in-residence. You’ll also have the opportunity to take a work placement with our partner organisations. You’ll get plenty of support throughout your course, including access to professional staff, coaches, and personal instrumental lessons in your first study instrument or voice. You can also take advantage of our library and music practice facilities. While you’re learning, you’ll be matched with a Personal Tutor directly related to your course. You’ll also get support from our Student Learning and Graduate Academic Assistants, who have experience in your subject area. If you don’t see yourself on stage, our BA Music can open up exciting career opportunities in media, publishing, education, festivals, merchandising, PR, recording studios, or record labels.

Course Content

You will have the opportunity to explore music technology, studio music production, sound art, and live computer sound transformation. You’ll consider analysis  to learn the means and meaning of music. Concepts in music history will be discussed and contemporary music will be studied. You’ll learn harmony, counterpoint, instrumentation, orchestration and musicianship, and you will learn to write and/or perform music convincingly in a range of styles. What will you​u gain? As well as cultural capital gained through an in-depth knowledge of musical repertoires and practices, you will also acquire skills in original music composition, music performance and critical thinking. During your third year, you have the opportunity to propose a topic of your own choosing to investigate and explore, along with the guidance of an allocated supervising tutor.

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