Popular Music BA Honours

Our exciting popular music degree will build your technical skills and industry knowledge to help kick-start a career in the field.


3 years full-time




$11,300 (CA) $15,800 (INT)

Course Summary

Our degree enhances your technical musicianship, builds your songwriting skills, and gives you a broad overview of the modern music industry so that you have a taste of everything and understand where you want to go. Our exciting popular music degree covers everything you need to know to launch a music career in the 21st century. With a focus on popular music practice, popular music business, and popular music studies, you’ll gain an insight into the history of the music industry and learn how to analyse the latest music developments. Through practical work, we’ll help you develop your song-writing, musicianship, performance, and production expertise. You’ll also get to grips with how the industries work, and learn the entrepreneurial skills needed to make music, make money from music, and to successfully launch a career in the music industry. You’ll study popular music at our vibrant music department, with plenty of support from professional staff, researchers and industry experts – all of who encourage you to flourish during your studies. We’ve got new facilities that include a concert hall, music production suites, state-of-the-art soundproof practice rooms and recording studios – with technicians and sound engineers on hand to give you the support to succeed in your studies and your career. Our location means you’ll be in the heart of the capital’s music scene, with access to promoters, record labels, concerts and gigs. You’ll attend our regular workshops and talks with musicians and industry professionals to further enhance your insight, knowledge and contact list. Our previous guests include some of the finest mixers, writers, producers and professionals in the industry. We know that sometimes you’ll need assistance and support when it comes to your studies. During your time with us you will get assistance from a Personal Tutor. If you require a little extra help then we have Student Learning Assistants and Graduate Academic Assistants on hand to help. Our course will give you the transferable skills to pursue a diverse range of career paths within the popular music and cultural industries, including song writing and performance, production, music marketing and promotion, music publishing, music journalism, events management, education, training and music research.

Course Content

You will have the opportunity to explore musical elements and concepts at an advanced level. You will focus on the interrelation of popular music studies and the repertoire of popular music as well as the ethical and cultural contexts of popular music.  Professional and scholarly approaches to research and planning will allow you to excel in your chosen modules as you begin to focus on specialist music industry practices. You will develop your songwriting, performance and/or production skills at an industry-ready standard. As well as gaining an professional level understanding in a range of musical skills, elements and concepts, you will also have the relevant transferable skills which will allow you to step into your future career. You will be able to inform creative work through advanced theoretical knowledge and employ reflective and critical thinking in professional and academic work. You will demonstrate specialist competence in managing music projects as well as having the ability to plan, organise and manage study and research.

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